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Meet Kristen Hodgson

Hey, there!👋🏻 I just wanted to share a little bit about the face behind A Moment’s Peace and welcome you to my corner of the internet🤍🌿

My name is Kristen, and I have always loved to write. I have two degrees in communications and years of professional experience in marketing/communications.

Writing is also deeply therapeutic for me — it’s how I best explore my feelings and express myself.

Few fun facts: I’m left-handed, I love all things vanilla, and I am deeply devoted to John Mayer. I love the outdoors; cycling, hiking, hammocking, and chilling at the beach are a few of my favs.

I also love the gospel and the peace my knowledge of my Savior, Jesus Christ brings to my life. I'm writing this religious blog to combine a more focused gospel study and consistent journaling in 2023.🤍🌿 Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

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