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Be a Christlike friend🤍🌿

Be a Christlike friend🤍🌿 That phrase has been on my mind all day.

I spent last night with a dear friend, catching up on all the things. We have a lot in common and are just a few years apart but our families are in different stages. I love hearing her perspective on life.

I drove home thinking about how grateful I was for her friendship and how uplifted I felt after spending time with her.

One friendship in the Book of Mormon particularly stands out to me: Alma and Amulek. They served as mission companions, went through a lot of challenges together, and even ministered to each other.

During this mission, many people didn’t listen and women and children were harmed for believing in Christ. I never experienced anything like that when I served as a missionary in Japan, but rejection is never easy.

In Alma 15:18, we learn that Alma took Amulek into his home and cared for him. I imagine that in addition to providing a bed and food, Alma comforted and validated Amulek like a dear friend would have. Like Christ would have.

Our Savior Jesus Christ gives us the perfect example of how to be a good friend:

When He was on the earth, Christ took time for individuals. He listened with love and kindness. He made everyone He spoke to feel important. He comforted and motivated.

And the amazing thing is that He lives. He can be our friend and show up for us today through His Atonement. He can succor us wholly and completely because He took our pains, afflictions, and sins upon Himself. He understands how we feel.

We can follow the Savior’s example and strive to be a Christlike friend to all around us, including dear friends and people we meet.

What makes a good friend – what would you add to the list of ways Christ is a good friend? How can you be a more Christlike friend?


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