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Captain Moroni Prepared for War + We Can Prepare for Spiritual War

I’ve been reading the war chapters in Alma in the Book of Mormon, and MANNNNN, does it feel really relevant today...😳

At the beginning of Alma 50, Captain Moroni “did not stop making preparations for war” (verse 1) and prepared strongholds “round about every city in all the land” (verse 6).

His armies worked hard to defend themselves, their families, and their land by:

  • Digging heaps of earth around the cities

  • Using tall timbers and picket framing to build a fence on top of the piles of dirt

  • Building security towers to overlook the area

  • Preparing to cast stones from the towers

Later in the chapter, we learn that Moroni’s people were faithful and kept the Lord’s commandments. Because of their faith, they were protected and delivered. In fact, they lived as one of the happiest groups of Nephites. Ever.

There are very real physical wars happening today, and I pray for the people and leaders in those circumstances.🙏 Today, I want to talk about fortifying ourselves for the spiritual war we’re all battling.

In his April 2022 talk “The Power of Spiritual Momentum,” President Russell M. Nelson taught that we all need positive spiritual momentum more than ever before.

“Positive spiritual momentum will keep us moving forward amid the fear and uncertainty created by pandemics, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and armed hostilities.

Spiritual momentum can help us withstand the relentless, wicked attacks of the adversary and thwart his efforts to erode our personal spiritual foundation."🤍🌿

I’m grateful for a latter-day prophet who guides and teaches us how to fortify ourselves and our families in society’s current climate. And I can’t wait for general conference in four weeks!🤍🌿

How can we fortify ourselves spiritually today? How can we fortify our homes? What tools or methods do you use?


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