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Eight Years Later: Reflecting on My Mission🇯🇵❤️

On February 27, 2015, I returned home from my mission and eight years later, President Hinckley’s words sure ring true🥹🇯🇵❤️ I’d like to share an updated version of the thoughts I posted on my personal account on this day last year.E ••• Eight years ago, I returned from my mission in Kobe, Japan🇯🇵 Last year on this day, I wore my favorite mission skirt…and my wedding shoes✨ It’s crazy that I wore them on this anniversary about a month before my wedding. I was reminded that my Heavenly Father is aware of me, and that His plans are infinitely better than the ones I make for myself🤍 I loved my mission, and I can’t wait for the adventures ahead!❤️ #JKM #神戸 ••• Heavenly Father has continued to teach me this truth this past year. I’ve gotten married, moved across the country, started a new job, been laid off, moved again to a new ward, started another new job, and made incredible lifelong friends❤️ I never could have predicted the crazy events of 2022 but I’m grateful for the decisions that led me here— a large one being my mission🇯🇵✨ My mission helped me better understand and refine how I hear Him, which will continue to bless me and my family✨🤍🌿


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