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Eve's Example

I haven’t been able to get @paigepayne_creations painting of Eve out of my head the last few days.

Not only is it beautiful, but this painting has humanized Eve’s story for me. It makes me think about her immense courage to eat the fruit. I am in awe of Eve🤍🌿

Eve is portrayed with a tear falling down her face. I think Eve fully understood the weight of her decision. She knew it would affect her and Adam at that time and the existence of every future human being.

I don’t think Eve took this decision lightly — I know I wouldn’t have. I imagine her weighing different options, consequences, and possible workarounds.

I imagine she struggled internally. Eve knew she and Adam were commanded to

  1. Have a family and

  2. Not eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

But how could they keep both commandments?

Not only did Eve and Adam need to break one commandment in order to keep the other, but Eve also understood they needed to know the difference between good and evil.

They needed to know pain, sorrow, and sadness in order to feel joy. Can you imagine not being able to feel joy?

In a 1987 talk, President Russell M. Nelson shared five “Lessons from Eve.” He mentioned Eve’s obedience and sacrifice as well as the influence for good we can have on others.

Eve is an incredible example of courage — courage to act, to be obedient, and to trust in her Heavenly Father.

I hope to remember Eve’s example as I face decisions and uplift those within my circle of influence🤍🌿

How have you moved forward with courage in your own life? How has obedience blessed you?


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