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Gather as We Go

I spent some quality time with a dear friend this weekend and haven’t been able to stop thinking about something she said🤍🌿

We met out here in Florida, both living far from family, and were reflecting on lessons we’ve learned and blessings we’ve received.

We talked about the incredible blessing and support our church community has been in whatever state we’ve lived in, and how our villages continually grow. She then wisely said:

“We gather as we go.”

And I LOVE that phrase. As we go through life, we meet different people in all kinds of ways. We may live in the same neighborhood, attend the same church congregation, work together, have kids at the same school, attend the same workout class, or have another connection.

And as we gain more life experiences and meet more people, our circle expands. New chapters bring new people into our lives, and we gather more friends-turned-family.

I’m so grateful for the lasting friendships I’ve gathered throughout my life.

As a sister, daughter, teammate, student, roommate, friend, young single adult, working professional. As a wife, in-law, and hopefully a mother one day. As a daughter of God and disciple of Christ🤍🌿

Thank you for showing up for me and inspiring me to be better. There is always plenty of room to expand the circle and gather as we go✨

How have you gathered friendships? How has your village uplifted and supported you?


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