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Gratitude for Heavenly Father's Plan For Me

My heart’s been overwhelmed with gratitude this weekend🤍🌿

I’m so grateful for Heavenly Father’s overall plan. He knows me perfectly: my strengths, my weaknesses, and my needs.

He knows where I need to grow and how I can best do that.

As a person.

As His daughter.

As a sister.

As a friend.

Heavenly Father has always known what was coming in my life and in my finite comprehension, I used to get SO FRUSTRATED that what I thought I needed and wanted in my life wasn’t happening.

But I don’t need to fully get it, not right now. And I’m so grateful I was wrong about how I thought my life should be and that my “plan” didn’t unfold.

I love these words from Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Heavenly Father doesn’t care what my job title is or how high up the corporate ladder I am.

He cares about giving me experiences that will prepare me to build His kingdom on earth and will purify me so I can return to live with Him. I’m grateful for His love and His hand in my life. His plan is ALWAYS better than what I came up with🤍🌿

How have you seen Heavenly Father’s greater plan at work in your own life?


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