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He Meets Us Where We Are

@tori.annbush is a former mission companion of mine and a TALENTED artist who recently completed this beautiful wooden mosaic of Jesus Christ🤍🌿

In it, Christ looks upwards. I imagine Him looking up towards Heavenly Father. Perhaps He’s pondering His role in the plan of happiness and how He’s there to help us return to Heavenly Father.

I think of Him pleading on my behalf🥹🤍

In a previous post, I’ve shared that Christ has been there for me when I’ve been really low.

But what about the times in the middle where I’m doing OK and I just need a boost?

Or when I’m doing pretty well and I need a little motivation to keep doing what I’m doing?

My Savior, Jesus Christ, meets me wherever I am. His arms are always extended towards me, and those same arms are always extended to YOU (3 Nephi 9:14).

I’m so grateful for the moments where I’ve reached out to Christ and for the relationship with Him I’m continuing to build🤍🌿

How has Christ met you where you were or are? How are you building a relationship with Him?


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