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How I Found Peace Amidst Mental Health Challenges

I love this painting by @thecoloramber and have a print of it near my desk.

Jesus Christ has an arm around this woman while she tugs on his robe. They appear to have a close relationship and I get the feeling she’s holding onto Him for support.

Haven’t we all been there at some point? Haven’t we all clung to a loved one or our Savior while it feels like the world is crashing around us?

In late 2020, I found myself in a dark place. Praying, reading my scriptures, and going to church wasn’t enough to get me out of it. I summoned the courage to seek professional help and was later diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

I was a perfectionist (working on this!😊), a model student, and had always put my head down to push through trials. I never gave my mental health much thought.

It became a roller coaster — I felt God’s love and peace one moment, and then my mind spiraled downwards the next.

In this painting, I find it interesting that both subjects have closed their eyes. I get the feeling they paused for a moment of peace after some previous turbulence. Perhaps Christ is offering comfort and the bright tulips provide hope for the future.

I can definitely see myself as the woman in this painting.

It took some time but through the combination of medication, working hard in therapy, and reaching for my Savior, I found the peace I so desperately sought.

Some days are still hard. But I feel the feels and I cry the tears. I don’t push them away. And I know I’m not alone. Because of Him, I can find the strength to continue learning and managing my mental health. I can strive to become more like Him and seek moments of peace.

When have you felt moments of peace? What brings peace to your soul?


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