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I Used to Take the Temple for Granted

I used to take the temple for granted…

I’ve lived within 20 minutes of multiple temples for most of my life and could go whenever I wanted, even if it was last minute.

Now, I live about 60-80 minutes away from the closest temple, sometimes longer with traffic. This smaller temple also offers fewer sessions and has less capacity. Throw the online appointment scheduler in there as well, and I’m now juggling more logistics around my temple worship than ever before.

Between travel and my time there, the temple has become a half-day adventure. I’m not able to go as frequently.

At first, I really missed being there so often. I spent A LOT of time in the temple in my late 20s trying to reconcile where I thought my life was going to be at that point with where it actually was.

I never thought I’d be single, have a master’s degree, and be providing for myself.

There were some angry prayers and silent tears, but I found peace in the temple. I was reminded that Heavenly Father loved me and it was OK that I didn’t know how it was all going to work out — He knew.

The temple truly became a sanctuary🤍🌿 I clung to my temple covenants and heavily relied on Heavenly Father.

Since moving out of Utah, I’ve realized that Heavenly Father wants me to focus on the QUALITY of time I spend in His house, not the QUANTITY of time in there.

With more logistics to plan around a temple trip, I find myself better preparing for it. I see the event on my calendar and get excited with anticipation! I focus more on what’s in my heart and who I am striving to become like rather than how often I go.

How have keeping your covenants sustained you during hard times?

What can you do to make your temple worship more meaningful, especially if traveling a distance?


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