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Keeping Our Covenants

I absolutely love these two quotes on keeping our covenants.

In her talk “Covenants with God Strengthen, Protect, and Prepare Us for Eternal Glory” (April 2022 General Conference), President Jean B. Bingham taught some pretty incredible truth.

She said, “There is nothing more important to our eternal progress than keeping our covenants with God.”

Wow. President Bingham puts it so straightforwardly. Covenants are critical. They’re the key to helping us live in such a way that we can return to live with our Father in Heaven.

Keeping covenants have also blessed me during this life. They’ve given me strength and comfort during hard times, as well as motivation during good times.

Here’s another gem from the talk:

“Happiness is hollow if we exchange the blessings of eternal joy for momentary ease.”

Double-wow. This really hits home for me. Am I choosing momentary ease over things that will bring me joy forever?

Momentary ease might look like staying home and spending half a day binge-watching a show instead of going to the temple or serving a ministering sister. It may look different for everyone, but I think momentary ease can be a real temptation for all of us.

But President Bingham inspires me to continually audit how I’m doing. And guess what?

I’m learning. I’m striving. I’ve been adjusting my mindset around my temple worship and preparing myself to be reminded of the covenants I have made. And I’m excited to test out the next part of this as I attend the temple this weekend!

How are you striving to keep your temple and/or baptismal covenants? How do you overcome momentary ease?


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