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Lighthouses + Christ's Light✨🌊

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I love lighthouses✨🌊

I grew up surrounded by mountains, so living near the ocean and lighthouses is still a novelty for me.

I get excited whenever I see a lighthouse, even if I’m on land.

I visited the top of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse (105 narrow steps is a LOT!) and couldn’t believe the view😍

Officially lit in 1860, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse was fully automated in 1987.

Lighthouses shine beams of light to help mariners navigate the water and warn of dangerous areas. They may have different flash patterns if they’re near other lighthouses. They are also painted different colors to be identifiable during the day.

Lighthouse keepers “were responsible for fueling the lighthouse’s lamp with oil, winding the mechanism that turned the lens, and keeping watch through the night” (JIL website).

There’s a reason Jesus Christ is called the Light of the World✨ His example and teachings shine a light on the path to return to our Father in Heaven. Like a lighthouse, He guides us home🔦

Beams of light or guidance may come to us in different ways like:

  • Comfort through the Holy Ghost

  • Supportive comments from family and new online friends

  • Simple scriptures

  • Priesthood blessings

How have you felt guided by Christ’s light or example? How can you be a light to others?


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