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Reflecting on Our Story: Dating + Marriage

Last week, my husband and I had the opportunity to speak to the teenagers in our church congregation and share the story of how we met, dated, and got married, plus share about married life.

You can see our big grins right after we got home…😂🥰

As we prepared to speak, we had fun finding photos from different stages of our relationship and reflecting on the Lord’s hand in our lives.

We reflected on the miracles that happened during our short courtship (it’s true what they say — when you know, you know!) and the blessings we’re seeing today as a result of our choices.

Most of the teenagers we spoke to aren’t dating yet, and we wanted to share some advice they could start applying now so they’d be ready to recognize the right person at the right time.

We recommended they:

  1. Make friends + talk to people wherever they go

  2. Center their life around the temple (+ decide to seek a spouse who does as well)

As individuals, my husband and I worked on both of these things long before we met. And putting in the effort over time prepared us to recognize the goodness in each other and then give our relationship a real chance to succeed🤍🌿

What advice would you give to a teenager who is preparing to begin dating?


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