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Seeking Guidance from the Lord

Lately, I’ve been thinking about and seeking revelation in my own life. I’ve thought about how sometimes the Lord guides us step by step, like He taught Nephi how to build tools and a ship.

And sometimes, He shares the end goal and asks us to creatively problem-solve the way to get there (don’t you love when that happens, haha??).

Take the brother of Jared, for example, in another boat-related story from the Book of Mormon. The Lord provided a solution for fresh air (one hole in the top and one hole in the bottom so that one could always be plugged and the other open).

But when the brother of Jared mentioned they’ll travel in darkness, the Lord said,

“Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depths of the sea?” (Ether 2:25).

The brother of Jared was given the space to sort through the problem. He created 16 small, clear, glass stones and asked the Lord to use His power to touch them and give them light.

The brother of Jared had incredible faith in asking, and the Lord recognized that. He touched the stones and showed His fingers to the brother of Jared — “never has man come before me with such exceedingly faith as you have” (Ether 3:9).

I’ve accepted a new calling or assignment at church to oversee and work with the teenage girls in my congregation. The youth program has completely changed (and I’d say advanced) for the better.

So far, I’ve felt guided step-by-step on some things. And for other things, I’ve really had to compile information, study things out in my mind, and try to think outside the box.

I’ve been reminded of the exit interview I had with my mission president. I told him I was worried I’d forget the things I’d learned.

He asked, “Have you learned how to receive revelation?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Then you’ll be just fine,” he replied.

And he was right. I’m not perfect but as I’ve strived to stay close to my Heavenly Father and sought His direction, I’ve received answers to my prayers and blessings I never would’ve imagined.

And I hope to instill this same lesson with my girls. We’ll learn and grow alongside each other.

Art by @sacrocubism


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