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The First Scripture to Speak to Me

I was in sixth grade when I first felt like the scriptures personally spoke to me, Kristen.

Alma 37:37 completely changed the way I interacted with the Book of Mormon. It was the beginning of my relationship with the scriptures. I felt like my Heavenly Father was speaking directly to me.

Before this, I read a chapter from the Book of Mormon most nights because I knew it was something I was “supposed to do” — part of a checklist. Sometimes I remembered what I read and sometimes I didn’t.

Alma 37:37 is a scripture I keep coming back to time and time again. I love the comfort of having a guide — I’m not doing things on my own.

This verse also beautifully illustrates the idea of being in continual communication with Heavenly Father throughout the day — morning and night. And that those conversations have different purposes. One is to prepare for the new day and the other is to reflect and give thanks at the end of the day.

My husband and I experienced some job-related and family health challenges the last few months of 2022. Two things gave me strength during this time:

  1. Expressing daily gratitude

  2. Focusing the asks in our prayers on specifics

We took turns coming up with something we were thankful for and then writing it on a whiteboard each day. The whiteboard was already on the back of our front door so we saw it every time we left the house and returned home.

I hadn’t prayed that specifically since my mission. I’m amazed at how this change in language focused my mind and heart. Not only did more specific prayers bring me closer to my Heavenly Father, but it also strengthened my relationship with my husband.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to counsel with the Lord and continually get better at recognizing how He specifically speaks to me.

What does it mean to you to “counsel with the Lord?” How have you seen His counsel or direction bless your life?


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